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Beulah Neveu

First time author and writer, Beulah Neveu begin writing poetry at the age of 16.  Her love for poetry is what triggered her love for reading.  Although she loved to read, she never embraced the idea of writing a book.

With no formal training and very limited knowledge in writing, Beulah surrendered her pen and paper to God.  She promised HIM that if HE would give her the message she would write it.  She began every night between the hours of 9:30 PM and 4:30 AM writing what God had given her.  From this was the birth of her novel “BRACIE” in just a little over two (2) months!

BRACIE both fiction and non-fiction, is strength that empowers one to love from the heart.  It tells a story about love for family, friends, and God.  BRACIE could not have been created if God had not used Beulah as an inexperienced author.  It was during this time that God through her, would bring a 
message of hope, healing and love.  In writing BRACIE, the author used her children and mother as characters.  This made her understand just how much shrevealed to the author that God has touched 

her heart and has not only healed her from her past hurts but now she is truly whole.  I pray that those of you who read BRACIE’s story will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed being used by God to write it.  Thank you and Be Blessed!  Beulah Neveu

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