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Dante Reid

Advice (Dante Reid ) was born in Detroit Michigan . He is the son of one of the most talented women in the business , Roz Ryan. Ms. Ryan is a television , film , and Broadway veteran . As a child , Advice was surrounded by entertainment . His mother got her first break in the hit show "Ain't Misbehaving" filling in for Nell Carter . A year after moving to New York , Ms Ryan sent for young Dante to join her . She exposed him to the gladiator side of performing arts by taking him to work with her
everyday . While other kids watched cartoons and played with toys , Dante sat in a theater watching professionals perform in front of hundreds of spectators . As time grew on , Dante was able to not only study his mother as she displayed her God given talent , but also other Broadway legends such as , Raul Julia (Nine) , Sheryl Lee Ralph & Ben Harney ( Dreamgirls) Gregory Hines & Phyllis Hyman (Sophisticated Ladies) just to name a few . Dante's appreciation for lyrical content came as a result of being exposed to these legendary productions and talents .

Dante also benefited from being present during the birth of Hip Hop . He and his mother lived in Harlem , N.Y.. during the emergence of artist's like , "Run DMC" , Boogie Down Productions, L.L. COOL J , Kool Moe Dee , Whodini, Roxanne , Dana Dane , Slick Rick ,Kurtis Blow , Spoonie G, Big Daddy Kane , Biz Markie , Dougie Fresh , Marley Marl .....and many more . Dante would study these artist's as he studied the Broadway legends and combine the two genres , adding his own unique style . After his mother's run as Effie on Dreamgirls ended she relocated to Miami , Florida. She left him behind in Harlem with his God arent's who introduced him to a spiritual knowledge of God's true existence . Dante rejoined his mother a year later in South Florida after she had landed the role of Amelia Hattibrink , on NBC's "Amen" . Still a little boy , he began to take an interest in ports . However as he grew , Hip Hop grew . Artist's such as , "Eric B & Rakim", "EPMD ", "GURU", "Kool G Rap", "Pete Rock & CL mooth" , "Beastie Boys"and "The Jungle Brothers" began to shape the minds of the Hip Hop listeners . Dante remained an avid fan of Hip Hop but his love for sports trumped any aspirations he may have had to follow in his mothers footsteps . He excelled in football earning him a scholarship to Howard University.

Prior to leaving for college , Dante began to associate with some unsavory characters . He maintained these associations throughout his years at Howard unbeknown-st to most . As a result of some unwise decisions he was incarcerated and stripped of his scholarship . After his short intermission from freedom he returned to Miami where he found himself repeating the same pattern. He began writing music as a hobby . Dante then was given a second chance at higher education . With one year left of eligibility , he received a partial scholarship to Savannah State University . It was in Savannah Ga. where the music became the focus . While at 'The Frozen Paradise " in downtown Savannah , during open mic night , Dante was coerced by some friends to get up on the stage . That is when it began . He dabbled with a local label but decided to relocate to Chicago and then onto Los Angeles where he linked up with a small independent Label , Blaze 1 Entertainment . After completing two full compilations and an array of local performances, Dante realized his purpose . He began getting closer to God by studying scripture daily . He decided to go at it alone and do God's work through the music . After his single "Move" was featured on the 2008 premier of MTV's "Making The Band 4" he began working on his first independent solo project , which he wrote and executive produced ("Mechanism 48: ADVICE"). Off of the heels of "Mechanism 48 : ADVICE" came the second installment in the series , "Mechanism 48 : The Bigger Picture also written and executive produced by Dante . He signed a non exclusive marketing deal with Tate Publishing . His aim is to spread the word of God to the ones who don't know the word of God and convict the unrighteous in an effort to bring them to The Creator . The music is called "Conviction Music" the artist is "ADVICE" .



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