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Deon Robertson is a 30 year old who realizes he is in charge of his own destiny. With already 10 plus years under his belt in the music industry, Deon is known for his for his strong vocals and undeniable skills. He has released several singles, two E.P’s, and two full projects. Deon has shared the stage with artists not only of the Christian genre but a wide range of artists, such as John Pee Kee, James Fortune, Blake Shelton, Patti LaBelle, Dewayne Woods, Zie'l, 21:03, and so many more. Deon has been a part of major events at the GMWA, also appearing on TBN, the TCT Network and The Word Network. His new project is completed and in the mixing stages.  2018 Rhythm Of Gospel Music Awards Nominee in five categories:  Traditional Artist of the Year, Traditional Male Vocalist of the Year, Praise & Worship Male Vocalist of the Year, Best Performance by Male Vocalist, Traditional  Artist of the Year.  Look to see him summer of 2019. 

Deon is not only a singer/songwriter, he is also a model and has accomplished commercials/television appearances, for MTV, NBC, AT&T, and was the spokesperson for the anti-smoking campaign. 


Deon suffered with some weight challenges in his younger years.  He begin to turn to food even more as a way to suppress his depression.  He would overindulge with food as a way to escape.  This pattern lead him to become an emotional eater when he became sad or felt out of control.  This way of life really took a toll on him and he reached his breaking point.  His breaking point happen when he was taking care of his grandparents and was so over stressed, tired and disappointed, not to mention his own personal life was a mess.  He became very angry with himself and went in his room and begin to break CDs and punch walls, etc.  He made a decision to get on his knees and begin to cry out and pray to the Lord! it was in that moment that He spoke to him and told him to go run. It was very late at night but he was obedient and put on his shoes and shorts with his bible programmed in his headphones be begin to walk and then run for about two hours. He begin to find a love for fitness and taking care of himself.  In August of 2018, he created Get Fit with Deon.  A program inspired to keep the fittest in shape and help the beginner to get into shape.    

Deon knows that with God all things are possible. He was asked to come into the studio to drop the lead vocals on his previous single More Than a Friend.  It is evident that he truly believes it as you listen to the vocals on that single.  Deon is currently working on a new project and his musical talents are matchless but in humility Deon is always learning, growing and pushing for higher successes.



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