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George Scott and Pure Worship Ministries is pleased to announce its 1st CD recording! This recording is destined to be very successful and is sure to bless God’s people. “Created to Worship” is the phase that best describes one of Houston’s newest aspiring gospel artist. His journey begins at the tender age of nine as a Sunday school musician. Now 23 and presently serving as Minister of Music in the Houston, Texas area, there’s no surprise that God has allowed him to begin fulfilling his desire to take his music and preaching ministries to the four corners of the world.

Despite numerous accomplishments and awards earned throughout his young musical career for outstanding vocal, piano and violin performances, the concept of pursing a lifestyle as a gospel artist was only a dream. It was not until June of 2010 while in Colombia, South America the idea of George Scott & Pure Worship was conceived and the debut single “This Is My Worship” was written.

In the midst of adversity and set-backs in birthing this debut project the phrase “Created to Worship” has taken a profound meaning in the life of this young gospel artist. As a result, the musical creations are very evident throughout the debut project “A Life of Worship.” Be on the lookout for George Scott & Pure Worship, it is sure to bless you!





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